In order to maximise our capabilities, TMAM aims to expand its presence in the global investment industry through our regional offices in Tokyo, New York, Singapore and London.

Tokio Marine Asset Management (London) Limited ("TMAM London")
“Sail East” is our key message to investors in the UK and Europe.

TMAM London was established in 1990 initially to provide Japanese equity investment management services to UK institutional clients, subsequently moving on to provide advisory services on European listed securities to European clients and our group companies.

TMAM London has now grown to a fully functioning business development office, providing investment management services and delivering the highest level of client services to European institutional investors and Middle Eastern clients. These services include performance reporting for investment products managed out of Tokyo and Singapore, as well as delivery of Japan and Asian market analysis across Asia.

TMAM London acts as a gateway for the investors wanting to access the investment expertise of our Japan and Asia based investment teams.

Our experienced sales and marketing team has a clear focus on providing the highest level of client services and communication.

TMAM's Investment Group is based in Tokyo, along with operations, dealing, risk management, client reporting and administration.  The group manages a wide range of asset classes from diversified/concentrated listed equity portfolios to alternative assets, such as Asian private equity portfolios, to mainly pension and institutional clients. Based on a consistent investment philosophy that derives from its proprietary and thorough research and analysis, TMAM aims to fulfil its fiduciary responsibilities by offering a broad-ranging product lineup that meets diverse client needs, providing meticulous customer service and respecting compliance requirements.

Tokio Marine Asset Management International Pte. Ltd. ("TMAM International") is based in Singapore with the mission to become the “Best in Quality” Asian investment manager and to provide high quality investment services worldwide. TMAM International is an Asian investment specialist and solely manages long-only/long-short Asia ex Japan equity and fixed income mandates. As one of the leading Asian equity managers, our core business focuses on investment strategies in the Asian markets.

Tokio Marine Asset Management (USA), Ltd. ("TMAM USA") located in New York provides investment management services and research for a number of our strategies.

TMAM London, TMAM International, and TMAM USA are all wholly owned by TMAM. The TMAM group aims to expand its presence in global investment industry through these regional offices, employ more competitive investment methods and attract leading personnel. As a result, we aim to ensure the trust of a broad client base and further enhance our clients’ satisfaction.

Through the company's global structure with subsidiaries in New York, London and Singapore, the Tokio Marine Asset Management group invests in traditional equities and fixed income, as well as private equity and other alternative vehicles. The company also offers unique and competitive products to deliver optimal solutions to clients with broad-ranging needs.